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UI / UX Design


Here you can view the number of professional services i offer and their current pricing. I accept cryptocurrency as payment too,including: Bitcoin,Dash,Ethereum,Cardano and many more.

Logo Design 150$

A professional logotype service,solution for many businesses

UX Design 200$

Full UI/UX design service,with explanation of how your product would work and why these elements are designed to be efficient as possible.

Illustration 150$

Doing any custom illustrations,based on your order

Photoshop Services (on contact)
Anything you need in photoshop i can make it to be of quality,price on contact dependent of the magnitude and value of the task
Style Guide + Logotype 300$
Professional Style Guide for your brand + Logotype in the same package
Front End Coding (on contact)

This service is unique from client to client,so contact me for the type of work that you need and to learn what can be doneĀ 

Design Consultation 200$

Hire me to consult your business design and help you improve it


I am a freelance Graphic Designer with 5 year experience in the field,specialising in logo design.I work in the commerical area making visual materials,logotypes,flyers for advertising and graphics for the gaming industry. I am a big video gamer, i train in kendo and i like kombucha. Interested in entrepreneurship since i was a teenager. I specialize in logo design,however my skills include: Visual identity, print graphics, web graphics, ux design and front end.I believe in being free and choosing your path and destiny without restraints rules or boundaries.Inspiration and innovation is what drives me everyday to get out of bed. I got by the code of being professional.

My Projects

Take a look at my projects below

Thriving- a guide for our fast paced world

A guide for self developing your self in this new age of high technology.As the world progresses we need to update our own personalities and develop ourselves,many people feeling lost and confused do not know how to start or navigate in the modern times. This book will help you on your path.

My first video game project,play it and have fun.


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